#AlexOLoughlin – Guns and all things pretty a´la Steve from 302

The Rowing

The Lei

The Towel

The Hair

The Tongue



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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Guns and all things pretty a´la Steve from 302

  1. The last one. Tongue. Done.


    • FOYeur

      I think the tongue could be a good idea for a poll to vote on. Just think of it choosing one froma few……it might just take forever to make that decision…..sigh!!


  2. OK, after I looked at the Gun Show, I really, really appreciated the a$$ show in pic #1.
    ACA with Kimmer about the last pic, but also look at his BLUE, BLUE, BLUE EYES!
    :thud: :thud:


  3. It´s always his eyes that get me…or his guns, butt, tongue, pecs and smile. Oops, I missed to capture his smile!


  4. There was something missing though, and it really bothered me. Did they fire the squirter!? Cause I didn´t see a single drop of water on Alex. I want to see him wet! The towel drying was pointless with nothing to dry even! Sweaty or wet, either one works for me 😀


  5. Liana

    Oraio Steve, beautiful Steve.


  6. canadagirl66

    These are FANTASTIC!!! His guns have never looked better…they are huge!! Love the second one…that faaaaace!!! Then there is the third one …OMG…he looks soooo fkn sexy!!! I object to the towel though…to TPTB – STOP blocking our view with unnecessary objects!!! He doesn’t need a towel anyway…just let him drip dry right there in front of us…whether he’s exiting the ocean or the shower…especially the shower!!! (again to TPTB – you gave Kono & Adam a shower scene…it’s only fair to let Steve and Catherine (or just Steve) get the bathroom all steamed up too!!


    • FOYeur

      Problem is, unless they can find a revolutionary way to cover his tattoos in water…..we will always be waiting for that scene in vain …………
      They really need to find a reason for Steve to get more tattoos!!!!
      FREE THEM ALL…..no more cover-ups


      • Andrea_Briz

        Lovely of course. #goeswithoutsaying
        Re the tattoos, why do they need to be covered up? Don’t SEALs have tattoos? If we are allowed to see the ones on his arms, why not the rest? I just don’t get it. Would have loads of time in make up, too.


  7. heymomo

    So much pretty 🙂


    • FOYeur

      You can say that again…..I think I should stop staring now and move to the next page….so much catching up to do….so much to look at…. 🙂


  8. I’m with FOYeur, FREE THE TATTOOS!!!! we should start a campaign.
    Another excellent gif set that has left me dying. 🙂
    I love coming here!!


  9. I um.. can’t get past the third one.. WOW!!

    I really have to do some screen caps, so I can’t have some stills. Thanks for the reminder! 🙄


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