Showing his best faces again

This interview is one of the best I have seen, regarding all that mimicking with hands and face. I was going to write the transcript, but ran out of energy… So I embedded the video at the bottom. He´s promoting Three Rivers and then Alex is talking about his transition from Mick to Andy. All that fresh blood to keep him happy and healthy 😉 And then he was asked about the JOB THAT HE DIDN´T GET! He had some sarcastic fun with it 😀














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2 responses to “Showing his best faces again

  1. FOYeur

    Isn’t he talking to the news or some program in Hawaii?
    Little did he know that it would become his home ……


  2. I have noticed when watching all these different interviews and watching Alex on his shows, talks with his hands! Love watching those hands move!
    Thank you

    I love how Alex bugs the reporter, by saying “why is it the role I never got, is always a topic of discussion” or something like that!


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