Thank you Alex lovers

I just had to doodle little bit of Alex, as a thank you, for this first day of b-day wishes. Every single one of you, please accept my humble thanks. Yey to October 1st celebrations

Ps Notice that he is in heaven, just waiting to take us there with him.

Pps since I snagged the face on the left from a fanpic, shout out to Sobeida who shared it on aolrocks. I hope you don´t mind (let me know if you are still around in  AOL fanland).


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13 responses to “Thank you Alex lovers

  1. Andrea_Briz

    Because it’s already 1 October here, I can wish you a happy birthday, Paula. Hope you have a wonderful day. xxx


  2. happy birthday my birthday was thursday you are great thx for everything you blog


  3. Ale Roma

    Thank u for this beautiful creation 🙂


  4. canadagirl66

    Hope you had a great Birthday Paula…my fellow Libra!!! ..Alex’s baby boy might be one too if he makes his grand arrival in the next three weeks!!!
    Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your wonderful gifs… they always bring a smile to my face!!!


    • Libras are the best! We are so stable…and perhaps a bit indecisive and of course love all things pretty! If the baby is a Scorpio, they should scream of fear 😉


      • canadagirl66

        You’re right..we do love all things pretty!!! THAT’S why I’m so CRAZY for all makes sense now!!! and yes, we’re indecisive too!!! THAT’S why I can never make up my mind answering one of your polls!!! It would really help if there was always an “All the above” choice JUST for Libras!!!


    • FOYeur

      Have we missed your birthday already or is it still coming?….Please let us know when it is….we would like to celebrate with you!


  5. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    this is gorgeous


  6. happy birthday incase I missed it and this is simply gorgeous ❤


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