Mick got tanned

J: Are you…? Are you tanned?
M: Am I? I had lunch at the beach with Beth. Not something you´ll be doing anytime soon.

J: How did that go? You seal the deal yet?
M: It´s not that simple.

J: Sure it is. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy. Didn´t you dad explain all this?
M: Ok, and when I turn back?

J: Vampires and humans can have sex.

J: This isn´t about physiology.
M: And it isn´t about sex.

…. Mick´s confession: he tends to bite down…but some women like that stuff.



Filed under Mick wants to kiss you gently with his fangs.

6 responses to “Mick got tanned

  1. drbell

    Yes please, anytime, anywhere…..


  2. Now that would be a REAL Love bite !!!!!


  3. well now we know where the H50 makeup crew got the orange paint! 😉


  4. Oh that bite down.. the excitement!!


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