Kiss with a dude

Can anyone tell when this was taken?

Update: Link to the original article, here


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15 responses to “Kiss with a dude

  1. Your blog post title wins points for accuracy! 😆 This is hilarious & adorable.


  2. canadagirl66

    What a find!!! It looks like he has long hair…so taken during the ML phase maybe???? Does he have a happy face on his right hand or are my eyes playing tricks on me? #blindedbythejawline


    • I didn´t even notice that smiley face! Good eyes! I think it is old, even Paul looks much younger here. Maybe they are in a night club drinking 🙂 I hate the lumber jack plaid shirts! And Alex´s hat…I hope to never see it again 😉


  3. canadagirl66

    I’m sorry but I don’t recognize the other fellow…Paul????
    There are a few sexy photos out there of Alex wearing plaid so i cant say that i mind it.
    You are right about the hat though…it is a crime to cover that beautiful head of hair with such an ugly thing!!! GO.AWAY.HAT!!


  4. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    It was taken at the playboy mansion in 2008.

    looks like a club and booze were involved


  5. alexsluvjan

    thx, I have never seen this pic before, I didnt know Paul Walker & Alex knew each other, I agree loose the shirts and hat, lets see them shirtless..HeHeHe!!


  6. canadagirl66

    Oh…Paul Walker…of course…I see it now. At one time I thought he was a hottie and lusted after him but of course that was BA (before Alex) …now he’s just OK…no offence to Paul…EVERY man pales in comparison to Alex…it can’t be helped!!!


  7. Totally ADORABLE his first “Bromance” LOL


  8. I do! It was posted by TMZ on 11/25/2008:

    Paul Walker — The Bird and The Pecker
    Sometimes ladies man Paul Walker enjoys the soft, tickling bristles of man scruff pressed against his cheek …
    … at least he did a few nights ago while at an Irish pub in Riverside, Ca.
    Your move, Vin Diesel.


  9. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I loveeeeeee the comments…..Paul gets bashed and no one knows its the guy from ML!!!!


  10. Lyli Cohen

    That IS N0T Alex, please not confuse, just look the holes in his ear, are not Alex earring holes! I follow Paul from 2001 and my wish was to have a picture of Paul and Alex together, now it´s only a dream…..


    • Hi Lyli, it must be very sad for you as a fan to loose an actor who you have been following for so long, so suddenly. I am sure his passing have left a big hole in many lives.
      Unless you have positive confirmation from Alex himself, (of if it is not him, then the person who it is) PLEASE do not make a statement that it IS NOT him, because YOU don’t know. You are welcome to give your opinion of why you believe it is not him, but only the people on the photo KNOWS the truth.
      I on the other hand study Alex’s face and because of the bad quality of this picture and because I know Alex’s features (including the hole in Alex’s ear) looks different on many picture for a multitute of reasons, I believe it to be him (BUT I also won’t say it IS him, because I am not him!!).
      It does not matter to me if it is him or not – it does not have value for me either way.
      I have given my many reasons why I firmly believe it is him. You can read it here :


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