Steve and Mom-Doris reunion


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14 responses to “Steve and Mom-Doris reunion

  1. Ronnette

    Love this scene!


  2. Alex’s eyes were so expressive. I wanted to cry cus he looked like he wanted to cry. God his acting talent is just amazing. Alex O’Loughlin, Sir……..this fangirl salutes you !!!!!!! Mwah xxxx


  3. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    expressive eyes


  4. Paula, thanks for posting these. Now we have a permanent record of this terrific scene. No matter what you think of the episode in general, Alex was awesome in this scene. #asexpected


  5. imfriggingud

    Fantastic acting, those eyes say it all (I’m so drawn to those friggin eyes) can’t wait to actually see this scene nxt yr when they air it here….. I wonder when little sis Mary-ann will be in on the reunion…. just love this site… so much fun and brings a smile to my face daily…. just need more hours in the day to view this hunk….. as you say more ‘intensely’


  6. Ronnette


      Ronnette xo


  7. Ronnette

    Happy Halloween!

    Ronnette xo


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