Boo boo

D: Are you trying to get rid off me?

S: No, I´m just saying Boo boo…

D: Boo boo?

S: It´s a term of endearment

D: If you are trying to give me a ridiculous sidekick name, I should be consulted first.

S: So bear´s out?

D: Bear´s out. Do you have a point?


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15 responses to “Boo boo

  1. canadagirl66

    This was awkward… the only time I want to hear Steve/Alex say boo boo is to ME…”let me kiss your boo boo and make you feel better”….boo boo = foo foo


  2. Def seemed like “Boo boo” was an ad lib.


  3. Andrea_Briz

    I loved this scene and ACA to comments above that it smacked of being ad-libbed. Or someone with a certain sense of humour has written the line. If that is the case, can you imagine AoL and SC when they received their scripts? AoL: “You want me to call him boo boo? Are you sh/tting me?” Still cute though. #lovethecarguments


  4. alexsluvjan

    LMAO at the scene, and yes I can picture Al saying “WTF, Boo Boo, Really?” Danno looks kinda like Boo Boo..LOL!!


  5. Yup it was definitely a reference to Yogi Bear..which means Steve is Yogi Bear and Danno is Boo Boo. I personally loved it even before I got the reference. *grin*


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