Love is in the air…

So your mom faked her own death and she is Shelburn. Well if you didn´t have mommy issues before…

That´s cute.
I try.

I´m gonna look after her as if she was my own mother.

That came out wrong.

I didn´t think so.


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11 responses to “Love is in the air…

  1. SQUEEEE to all of the shipper-ey moments. Nicely tamped down with some equally BAMF-ery moments. I for one, am thrilled.


  2. paula

    Just in case someone is wondering about the “author” poloughlin, it is still me Paula/neropatti. Just testing stuff…
    Lot of goodies on first episode, even if the story was a bit predictable 🙂
    And Maha is already doing her recap on this one! Yippee!


  3. I love that you made this a post!

    I wouldn’t mind if they just went full throttle into a relationship but I don’t mind that they are still playing them playful but a bit hesitant. As long as they still move forward it’s all good. In fact it may be one of the most realistic things on the show…


    • Andrea_Briz

      ACA Ess. I thought this scene was high on the awwwww cute scale. The playful thing is good. If it was more full on, we’d think there was some serious stuff going on between Steve and Cath ‘off screen’. Wait, isn’t what @plenkov wants us to think, when stories are not explored during episodes?

      Not to be a spoilysport and think toooo seriously about the plot (holes), but hasn’t Cath been posted overseas for some time now and McG just back from Japan? Isn’t Cath just on leave from the Navy now? (Thanks to Grace for pointing this out to me, missed on first watch.) Despite the history of their relationship, we’ve not seen too much of the serious stuff yet so it would be a bit off to launch into that too soon. Just like launching into ‘too familiar Mom’ too soon 🙂


  4. I’ll wait for recap, but Michelle hair looked better in S02, I Helu Pu. Longer hair makes her look older.


  5. heymomo

    Hair extensions! I guess TPTB didn’t like the short hair.
    I did! She looked great! Well, she still does…


  6. heymomo

    Oh, and this post isn’t complete without a:


    • heymore…If the TPTB like blondes .??? TPTB are male producers. Male anything like long hair. They should beware of hair extensions breaking and thining Cath hair. This should be part of her contract. (S+C=4ever). Michelle is a good actress and I hope they don’t lose her. They have killed off or lost women actress in season 01 and 02.

      Grace cut about three inches in the back, and trimmed around her face looks better than last year. MALE actors hair follicle don’t move through wind or rain. Check out the actress hair when they are outside.


      • FOYeur

        EYoung, I agree with you on Michelle being a great actress and them hopefully holding on to her.
        And in addition to that she has been great with the fans…..something that can only be good for the show!!


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