Dusty is stealing our kisses! Bitch!

At least it wasn´t with tongues 😉

Big thank you to aolrocks, again, for sharing this video!



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8 responses to “Dusty is stealing our kisses! Bitch!

  1. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Dusty!!! U naughty girl….did he even wipe his mouth afterwards? If he didnt wipe, then its true love.

    Look how happy she is with that tail wagging!
    amazing how he makes all our tails wag, eh?


  2. Ironically when you call her a bitch it’s a fact, not a slam. 😉

    I would slap a collar on and take her place so fast….


  3. canadagirl66

    Awww…good doggie…she comes when he pats the inside of his leg and whistles for here…I’d COME too if he did that to me!!!


  4. alexsluvjan

    my Tail would be in the air and definitely cumming for Alex!!!


  5. Dusty is so cute….But i’m still jelous of her kisses 😉


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