Looking at the story of Alex O’Loughlin — Through the eyes of a fangirl (Part1)

I’m a working class kid. My appreciation for what I have in my life is great.

— Alex O’Loughlin, TV Guide, April 2009


I sometimes question myself, asking what is it about Alex O’Loughlin that makes me a sighing, drooling fangirl? (Yes, somehow I’ve never been able to squeee….who knows, maybe one of these days). But here I am, a grown woman, with a real life and real life obligations, yet I am in front of my computer each day, checking Twitter, Facebook and all the fan sites, hoping for some new pictures…..a few words of news or maybe something from his own mouth….any little titbit will do. Is he like a drug?

Why do I know more about his teeth than those of my last boyfriend? (Well maybe because I actually kissed the boyfriend and did not stare rudely into his mouth for long periods at a time. :grin:) My 21-year-old niece just shakes her head and laughs at me, forever asking me how long this “thing” is going to last. My behaviour leads me to question my sanity some times.

Why does Alex O’Loughlin fascinate me? Why do I come back day after day to find new news, read old stories and watch his work over and over? Before Alex I’d never felt the need to watch a silly rom com 87 times. Is there really something “that” special about him? Is it just the hype the other fans create around him? Do we drive each other on day by day with OOOOOO’s and AHHHHHH’s and Afjgkshdlisjdl’s? Somebody told me I have I joined the Borg. I didn’t even know what it meant and had to look it up. Is it true? Did the ” hive mentality” overcome me?

Then a day like the Hawaii Five-0, 3rd season ‘Blessing ceremony’ happens and me questioning my sanity will be sated for a while, because I got my answer yet again.

There I was, watching it happening live, together with online friends from around the world. One of the ladies mentioned that it feels kind of dorky doing something like this. I looked at the names of the rest of the ladies, and to me they are all part of the “cool kids table”. So my response was that I feel “in” by doing it.

It was a good experience, as usual, as with everything when Alex is involved. Him stepping up to the plate, taking his place as number #1 on the call sheet. Embracing the moment, even welcoming the rain that came down as a blessing from above (I can just imagine how many times  the rain has hampered a shooting day for them – so I presume it’s not always that welcome to them). He was there, without overdoing anything, just being himself. Not trying to pose to show his best side for the cameras. He was just being serious when needed, smiling when things got funny, and enjoying life.

After the ceremony, when he did his interview (something he has done so many times before) he still looked kind of shy. At times looking just like a little boy who got something new to play with. Then there was also excitement about shooting the first new scenes with his “mother”. It was really good to see him like that – enthusiastic! I for one can’t wait to see those scenes, now that I have seen how exited he was to do them.

After the ceremony so many pictures were published, all of them showing how he was interacting with everyone. Joking, goofing around, hugging the man who did the blessing, goggling at a little baby girl. All these things just made me realize something all over again. Alex has got that something SPECIAL. He is putting himself apart by NOT putting himself apart. He doesn’t play the “diva”. He is just a man doing his job, embracing life, and in the course of it all, entertaining us with his work and just being himself. At the end of the day he is just Alex, he isn’t trying to be “Alex O’Loughlin, star of Hawaii 5-0”.

I want to tell you his story as I have experienced it so far. Some of you may feel a kindred spirit. Others might totally disagree, but hopefully you all will learn something new about him from my story. Something new to fuel your own fascination and will keep you wanting more Alex. Something to keep you cheering for him as an actor and as a man.

It would be so easy for him to get stuck where he is today and be remembered as just being that guy who played Steve McGarrett for a while….not reaching the true potensial that his talent has to offer. I definitely want to see him bring many more characters to life. May there be a very long and satisfying career for him (and for us to enjoy!).

I will be posting a few chapters and will be taking a look at his life of the past 36years, as seen through my eyes as fangirl.

.…….to be continued

Whether I was working on a building site or auditioning or moving to the US, I’ve always done it with all of my heart. I don’t know how to do it any other way.

— Alex O’Loughlin,  GQ Australia, November 2011

Special thanks to Justine for her help on this, to organise my thoughts!


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29 responses to “Looking at the story of Alex O’Loughlin — Through the eyes of a fangirl (Part1)

  1. Sure glad to know that I’m not the only one reduced to a sighing, drooling fangirl….this could have been written by me….can’t wait for part2.


  2. Thanks for sharing this FOYeur. It is a very personal post and I am sure everyone will appreciate reading it. I often think that, yes the guy is lovely to look at and a terrific actor, but he’s just a man afterall (and by his own admission, not perfect). However, there is something fascinating about him, fascinating to watch no matter which role he is playing or even if he is just playing at being himself. Some of the shows/movies he has been in have not been the best piece of cinema or tv that I have ever seen but somehow they are lifted above the ordinary just by his presence.


  3. karin@notmcnerd

    FOYeur — I, too, have often questioned my sanity when I realize how much time and energy I put into reading about and watching Alex. Maybe part of our fascination is finding so many, many of the qualities we admire in a man — all in one person. Beauty, grace and humor are just a few.

    But I also think the sharing of our feelings and observations on this blog, and ESS’s, Steph’s, Westy’s, Sardonic and the others help to feed our obsessions. It’s like belonging to a group with one central cause. I, for one, feel enriched by my association with all of you lovely loonies! Looking forward to your continued explorations. Keep up the wonderful work!


    • FOYeur

      Thanks Karin
      I will always be thankful to Alex for giving me such wonderful friends from around the world.
      Without him even knowing it, his fangirls are definitely some of the most intelligent, funny and talented girls around!
      Maybe it also says something good about him, if that is the type of woman he can draw in to follow his work?! 🙂


      • This man really has enlighted our life. I never dreamed of having so many friends online, because of fan girling 🙂 I wonder if he knows how he has changed our everyday life for the better (and sometimes worse, since I don´t seem to have much time to do anything else these days).


  4. Foyeur. After a frantic week at work, you will never realise how much I NEEDED this post.. With all the online hype and postings this week due to the premiere being so soon, I was starting to feel an H50 overload and questioning my devotion and the amount of time in my LIFE that being a fan devours. (Aussie Andrea will know what I’m talking about!). I EVEN contemplated deleting my blog 😳

    I was sad because it seemed my love for Alex and Show was waning, and along comes your post and BAM! it’s as if you’re, well…me. You’ve reaffirmed my reasons for investing so much time into being a fan. And the best part is the friendships from around the globe. I still hope that one day we are able to have our own ‘tweetup’ in Hawaii. Even if Show is long gone by then.

    Thanks, my friend. Xxx

    (my fave part of the blessing ceremony was when the FOY was blessed and Alex couldn’t help but smile. He knew just what we were all thinking at that very moment!)


    • FOYeur

      Westy, now I know that sometimes hitting the wrong button on the computer, can actually the right one! 😀 (I wanted to publish it later)
      I was thinking of including the photo of that “special” blessing, but I thought people might not get it…that smile of him, was priceless!!


    • Well said, Westy. Our own ‘tweetup’ in Hawaii – count me in. As a relative newcomer to the group, I am so overwhelmed by the friendships I have made in such a short time. And all down to Alex 🙂 Yes, the fangirl thing is time consuming and I feel like I am devoting more time to it than I should at the moment, in finding my way around. All worth it, though, of course, and thanks to FOYeur for reminding us why we are here.

      I know what Westy means about the hype surrounding Show. I guess that’s why I am sticking with the blogs – something witty and intelligent to focus on amidst all the hoopla. Oh, and what I like to call ‘drooling with a purpose’ 🙂

      Westy, we need your blog (that goes for all of them actually). It’s hysterical and is often the laugh I need when RL gets a bit intense.

      (Aussie Andrea LOL)


    • Shut up! Westy you are not deleting your blog ever! Or if that should happen, you will start posting here 😉
      I get what you are saying about this week. I worked long hours all week and all kind of goodies coming because of new season beginning soon. I was also very anxious about missing important stuff and how to keep up with everything happening at once. Hopefully next week some of the hype will calm down and we get to a normal schedule.


  5. rita

    Before I go to work and more often than not when I come home I’m there on the internet looking for news of Alex. I truly like this man both as an actor and a human being. He’s come from a working class background and done good. May he have a long career and remain the honest and humble man I know him to be.


  6. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I must say, I am in full agreement with the entire crazy bunch of you!


  7. I don’t t have enough time right now for a full-on proper response, but… such an amazing post, FOY-eur …. so very much the way I feel too!! Thank you for this!!!


  8. Alix

    Je suis tellement d’accord avec vous toutes.
    Je suis moi aussi passionnée par Alex au point de le demander si à mon âge (51), je suis pas folle.
    Je vois que je ne suis pas la seule à être irrationnelle quand il s’agit d’Alex.


    • FOYeur

      Alix, I am glad I could help to set your mind at ease about this madness and irrationality of ours towards Alex. Especially for those of us at a more mature age!


  9. canadagirl66

    My “mind twin” FOYeur…here we going again..thinking exactly alike. I too have questioned why I have such intense feelings for this man.. and have wondered what is it about him that has turned me into this CRAZY fangirl? I have NEVER felt or behaved this way about any other celebrity EVER…hell, I have never felt or behaved this way about my past or current loves (sorry Not McG but it is true). I do not have an addictive personality but I have to say that Alex is like a drug for me…I CANNOT make it through a day without watching his work or cyber-stalking him by watching interviews and other videos, searching for pics, listening to audio interviews, reading and commenting on blogs..just basically clamouring for anything, any little tid bit of information on him!!
    I purchased all his movies and tv series’ (I even have two copies of Moonlight because I can’t bear to lend one out and not have another one in my possession at all times – even if I’m not watching it!!!)…I talk about him to anyone who will listen (and don’t even care if they roll their eyes at me)….I don’t get enough sleep because I’m up until all hours of the night on my computer…I am a complete failure at my book club because I don’t get any of the books read because all my spare time is taken up by my quest for everything Alex.
    I am a control freak by nature…always in control of everything in my life…but this…this obsession I have for him…THAT I have no control over..and the funny thing is I am new to the “Adore Alex” club…it’s been less than a year…and I don’t even know what happened…it’s like a switch was flipped…and from that day on I cannot get ENOUGH of him!!
    A lot of people who know me think that my obsession for Alex is based on his appearance…let’s just say that they don’t know me very well. Obviously the man is physically beautiful and it is that which turned my head at first, but I have come to realize that it is not only thing that fuels my adoration and love for him. I think he is the most AMAZING and FASCINATING person I know….and no, I don’t really know him…all my thoughts and feelings for him are based on what I read about him and what he is willing to share about himself…all the stories about how generous and kind he is with his fans…how he always takes the time to meet those fans that have waited for hours to see him…how he is always so willing to sign an authograph and take a picture.. how he is so generous with his time for charitable causes…how he treats everyone as if they are special…how he is able to keep his personal life and family close to his chest yet openly shares intimate details about himself and his feelings (details no other celebrity would ever dream of revealing)…how funny and charming and charasmatic and smart and humble and hard-working and family-oriented and dog-loving and well…the list goes on…

    So I guess if anyone asked me the one word that I would use to explain why I have such a deep, abiding affection for this man…it would be CHARACTER…he has it in abundance!!

    Wow..sorry…that was really verbose…but believe it or not I probably could have gone on and on but I will leave it at that…for now….

    I am so grateful for this place and all the other fantastic blogs (ESS’s, Westy’s, Sardonic, Steph’s and many others) that allow me to communicate my feelings for Alex…whether they are lustful or otherwise…but more importantly, coming to these places…where all the other fangirls hang out..helps to make me feel like I’m not alone..that there are others who feel EXACTLY the same way that I do…I guess…validate my feelings in a sense…so I don’t feel like such a CRAZY person!!

    Wait (just when you thought I was done)…I know it’s a given but I should mention that I also admire and respect him because he is such a great (and extremely under-rated) actor!!!

    Ok..I’m done now….

    Wait…I should also mention that I adore him because he says things like “I can’t wait to meet my new son” and “I am deeply grateful for my fans”!

    Ok..that’s it, I promise…I need to go and get started on the next book on my book club list…bwaaaahahahah!!!


    • FOYeur

      Good luck with that next book. 😛
      I think I will just use this comment of yours as one of the chapters of my story…..will save me a lot of time in just basically re-writing the exact same thoughts! 😀


    • AnnieOakley

      Holy cow, CanadaGirl, you NAILED it!! It’s not just that he’s gorgeous on the outside (he is) but there’s something in his face, in the way he talks about his son, his dog, his home, that shows he’s gorgeous on the inside too. I’ve never really been a squee-ing (sp?) fangirl either, but I’m grateful to him because he brought me to all of you.
      Here’s a hint for the book-club obligations – just cast Alex in the leading role in every book, and watch the movie in your head!


  10. Linda E.

    You guys have pretty much said it all, but I want to add that Alex is so natural at everything he does onscreen. He is totally fascinating and he has my heart forever !!


  11. Canadagirl your writing about Alex touch me. It’s not that Alex is attractive on the outside, but has drawn me into understanding what makes him have such a wonderful outlook about himself.

    I’ve followed his acting performance, since Feed. This last year I’ve been reading sites of who is Alex O’Loughlin.

    First time fangirl…..


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  13. Totally agree with ALL of your fabulous comments. Please add me as another “Flower” in this Wild Bunch XOOX


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  15. Okay, Um.. I am a new comer to Alex, but I understand generally where you are all coming from. I saw Alex first in “The Back-up Plan* and that was it!

    I have been, and will always be, a Richard Dean Anderson fan. I have been for almost 25 years (more then half my life) I have met him many a time and have all his movies and shows!

    I would love to meet Alex and be floored by him too!! I understand the first post here. I understand how he “feels like a drug that is needed daily”
    I get up in the morning, make my coffee, hit the computer on, and see my pictures saved. Go directly to one website and then this one, every morning.
    That first website, it what introduced me to Alex. One of the ladies there had a slgline with Alex on the couch! I asked her, who is that guy! She said he was from Hawaii Five-O.. I only saw H50 when there was cross-over episode and saw Danny and Chin in L.A. cuz that was on the NCIS LA disks. I didn’t see no McG.
    Then was in Mexico a few weeks later and WHAMO.. Saw Alex and Danny and the first cargument! Can’t remember what episode it was, but came home and bought Season 1 and 2. I was HIT!! Then I found some websites and found “Three Rivers” and “Moonlight” and was hooked. I also have Criminal Minds episode and went back to watch it again. Was shocked it was Alex.
    Since then I have been watching You-Tube videos and enjoying him!

    But I still go to that one website and here every morning!!


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  17. Great approach on a complex, appealing subject as Alex is…Love you ,girls…I will come back rereading this whenever I feel I am losing my sanity over Him…

    By the way…where is part ii?


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