McGarrett gets it done

You need a job done, call Steve McGarrett.

He arrives well prepared.

He takes his job seriously.

When he needs to get in, nothing will keep him out.

And he is in.

Time to finish the job.

It is done.

Another satisfied customer sighing, those overalls, not so bad, after all.

Purring kitty



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17 responses to “McGarrett gets it done

  1. Those overalls give me ideas mmm


  2. FOYeur

    Paula, I think you forgot to ad the contact number of where we can find this fine handyman, McGarrett!! 😉
    I have a lot of work to be done………..


  3. OMG! Luvre these gifs!
    3 observations:
    Gif #2 – There are some VERRRRY interesting movements inside
    the “lower” areas of his coveralls. ::gutter::
    Gif #4 – NECK!P0rn!
    Git #7 – White undershirt – I’m dying here…..!


  4. canadagirl66

    Jeesh… he even makes baggy coveralls look se/y…but then I love to see him in uniform…actually I’d love to see him OUT of uniform even more. And those prop guys are so silly..don’t they know that he doesn’t need a striker to light that torch..all he has to do is look at it!! My torch is lit by him EVERYDAY!!!


    • I actually wrote the same thing in the torch gif 😀
      I must say he looks hotter for me in this overall than in that doctor´s white coat (as Andy). But then the white t looks also so hot on him…how would you dress a guy like that, would take me ages to decide what he should wear.


  5. Jill VanDuyn

    You guys are brilliant! Love these gifs! Andr3a, I totally agree! I have such a thing for him in white undershirts….


  6. alexsluvjan

    Just take it off Steve, dont need no stinkin clothes for me…all natural is what i prefer for this handy man…


  7. The H50 wardrobe should really pay attention to your comments. Just think how much cheaper they could produce the episodes. They really are wasting money on all those cargos 😉


  8. Paula your captions & picture descriptions are KI.LL.ING.ME!! You have a gift!!


    • LOL! You have no idea what went through my head when I decided some text is needed in between the gifs (I believe the grey cells were having a day off too). My biorhythm tells me that my intellectual curve is hitting rock bottom now, this was the outcome…blame the universe!


  9. Love Construction Worker Steve. Full Stop.


  10. Melissa

    if i have to pay this man for the job i want to get done.. i would turn him into a man whore :S


    • FOYeur

      I am sure you will be able to find some jobs for him around the house, as an excuse……just like Lilah in Moonlight Episode 15…..and then he will be to glad to help out in “other” ways as well. 😉


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