#AlexOLoughlin and his Sexiest Feature

Question: What is your sexiest feature?


Just in case you couldn´t see, his answer was, “my eyes” and “good a$$”.

Link to video: 



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53 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin and his Sexiest Feature

  1. his ass is gorgeous ladies, lets be honest? If we could all give it a good squeeze I’m sure we would on a daily basis =D


  2. alexsluvjan

    I would have to agree with his Eyes and A$$, but would also add his Smile and his Gun below his belt..MMM♥


  3. I should have made a small perky a$$ gif, to prove his point 😉
    I promise we will get to that part of his body too. We just have to take a deep breath and get checked by a doctor first. Have to make sure we won´t go belly up in the middle of that study 😉


  4. Manu

    His biceps are a big turn on too 🙂


  5. amberrocks

    He’s got lots of pretty parts – I mean, come on, there’s the face and the chest, but he’s also got sexy hands and sexy legs. Especially the legs. *drools*


  6. And of course his eye lashes, and eye brows. Anything else…ok his fingers too 😉


  7. It’s kinda funny how we always talk about how great his a$$ is, and he actually knows it……he must hear that one on a daily basis.


  8. Jill VanDuyn

    Just the fact that he says he has a great a$$ is so sexy!!


  9. canadagirl66

    ACA with all of the above!! Would also like to mention that he has the sexiest shoulders..case in point…S2ep1…the jail cell pushup scene…OH GOD…THOSE SHOULDERS!!!! One of my favorite scenes from the whole ep…there is one thing that would make that scene better though…me under him…clutching those magnificent shoulders!!


  10. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    urgh!! can’t find the good a$$ video on youtube!! help?!
    please?! I know, I know….I’m needy.


  11. Linda E.

    Let’s be real here – there isn’t any part of Alex that isn’t gorgeous and perfect. He even has beautiful ears. There was a photo printed last year outdoors in Hawaii – a sun-kissed shot of the hair on Alex’s arm. It looked like gold. Honestly, I swooned !!!


  12. Wanda

    His nose and his feet too! His sexiest part falls just under the hairline all the way to the soles of his fantastic feet.


  13. rita

    Just all of him


  14. Melissa

    his sexiest feature is: “The Gecko”. OHHH! my dear Lord i wish i could bite it! lick it! kiss it! all night long while my nekkid body rubs agains his!
    to far…. i hope not!

    all Alex is the sexiest feature of this earth 🙂


  15. Melissa

    im hopping for a southern brother for quite long ago! 😛 guess this massive a$$ tat at the back it’s all gecko has, poor fella!


  16. His Eyes!! Love his Eyes.. and the silver in his hair!!

    but after reading all of these post!! I am.. um.. WOW!!

    P.S. I have a Gekko also, but is hangs on a silver chain!


  17. hjälp

    could someone please link this interview, can’t find it


  18. Thanks Paula! It’s always fun to watch old interviews of Alex! He’s so cute! 😀


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