#AlexOLoughlin – Lucky Number 7

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10 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Lucky Number 7

  1. I am still fascinated by these, watching him do sexy for the camera! If I was behind the camera, I would probably forget to press the button…


  2. alexsluvjan

    OMG, I just love this photoshoot, I wish Alex would look like this all the time, god I love his long hair and scruff, and yes me too Paula,,*THUD* *SIGH*


    • canadagirl66

      It’s nice to hear that someone else loves his long hair…I felt like I was in a v.v. small minority that LOVED


      • canadagirl66

        …his MICK hair….yes, I said it…I LOVED MICK’S HAIR…pheeww, been holding that in for a long time…it feels good to finally get that off my chest…ok, all you MIck hair haters…let me have it…I can take it…and if it gets too bad, I’ll pull out my Moonlight DVD and swoon over Mick’s hair to make me feel better!!


        • FOYeur

          I also love his long hair….but the hair department in Moonlight was not always kind to him!!
          Some of the scenes it is so beautiful….can imagine my fingers running through it……..sigh….sorry where was I?
          Oh yes….but some times it just did not look good…..he however looked great despite the hair! 🙂


        • His hair was gorgeous most of the time on ML. But I do wonder if they did used curler,s since it was too perfect at times. I liked it best slightly messy and especially a bit wet. I´m not sure Mick would´ve had the same effect on us with a short do…Long hair, collars up, simply irresistible 😀


  3. If I’m honest if I’d been the photographer and he looked at me like this, there would be a damp patch where there shouldn’t be one =O


  4. The ani with him wearing the hat, and that V-neck shirt – WOW!!


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