Alex, one cool dude

I love everything about Hawaii. I feel like I’ve relocated to the most beautiful part of the world.

This place is one of the greatest on the planet, the people here are amazing. I’ve already made so many incredible friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life. I can’t really see myself leaving, regardless of what happens to the show.



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8 responses to “Alex, one cool dude

  1. love everything about this alex is number 1


  2. rita

    Hope Alex does leave and come and do some interviews. Would love him to come to the UK


  3. Having been to Hawaii, I can see why Alex loves it. As an Australian, it kind of feels like home. The laid back, island way of life is a bit like Oz, especially Queensland where I live. I grew up in NZ, too, and it is said that the Maori people originated from the ‘Hawaiian’ part of the Pacific. The culture and the language have many similarities and Hawaii felt very familiar to me when I visited.
    Of course, we’d love him to come back to Australia but hope that his career continues to develop which probably doesn’t mean living in Australia 😦


    • FOYeur

      Andrea lucky for us all, the world has become a smaller/easier place to have access to, With internet and TV everything is so easy to find. Doesn’t matter where anybody lives, they are only the press of a button away as far as news about them is concerned!!
      Alex once made the comment that his fans knows things about his life even before he does…… 😀


  4. canadagirl66

    Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world…and it became even more beautiful when he relocated there!!


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