Danno don´t surf


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8 responses to “Danno don´t surf

  1. look at how Steve looks at Danny lol xx


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  3. I love these trips down memory lane..! 😀 Good times, good times….


  4. venia

    Wow that last look by steve to danny he is looking hard. It is a cross between “Oh you just wait and see, to oh yes I will make you surf but the look is very sexy. Thank you love these moments.


    • I always meant to do more buddy posts but then I just sort of didn´t. I still want to capture the funniest bits.


      • buttercup

        I think bromance brings out many cool faces on Steve, like the one in 1.02 (you did that for someone a few weeks ago) when he does that thingy with his mouth while driving, so cute! And this is Danno getting eyes**ed 100 percent, and we love every bit of it! I’ll never Forget the first “bookem danno!”


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