H50 so3 promo clips


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19 responses to “H50 so3 promo clips

  1. FOYeur

    I wonder if I really wanted to see all this!!
    Can there be any more surprises left?


  2. Holy cr*p!!

    Can’t wait for the youtube video. Someone hurry up and post it! Or post the link if it’s already up! Please!


  3. Mary Jane

    These are great, Paula.
    I can’t wait for S3. I’m looking forward to seeing the interaction between Steve and his mother and loving BAMF Cath with a gun.


  4. marta

    Thank you Mr. Peter Lenkov for drive all of us crazy with this short minute full of emotion and action!


  5. I love how Steve so “casually” yells MOM at the end. They bonded so quickly 😉
    btw can´t remember them showing us if Kono survived?
    Wo Fat escaped, not very secure prisons in HI…

    Oh yes, sorry about the spoilers 😳


  6. When he says ‘is that supposed to make me feel better?’
    I need to hug him!


  7. I need to hug Steve and I want to see more of my Danno but yes thank you Mr Lenkov for this short clip.Can’t wait for Ep1 ❤


  8. I am SO glad i will be watching on the BIG screen on Queens Beach , Waikiki one day early because these “Teases ‘are driving me “Bats” I am such a lucky woman !!!!!


  9. imfriggingud

    pommienana…. lucky woman!!!! sh*t i’d swap places with you any day ‘Queens Beach’ eh… got to wait til start of 2013 to see series 3 in the UK and that is if they think they can get the right time slot….. gonna spend a lot of time e-mailing the channel guys… wish me luck


    • If your on about Sky, they usually put the new series on in the New Year Sunday Night 9pm timeslot cus it gets pretty good ratings and that’s what Sky cares about xx


      • Where there´s a will, there´s a way. I will watch online as soon as they have it up. We have the series coming to the end of first season now here on TV…don´t want to wait a year or two to watch the new season.


      • I am MORE than lucky .I am blessed!!!! I was in the front row in 2010 and2011 and Alex spoke to me and autographed a picture the first year and my scrapbook last year. We were in the STAR/ENTERPRISE ,on Hawaiian Tele and on Youtube. Alex is amazing and just SO damn GORGEOUS


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