Panicking Mick, something lost…

Mick lost your birthday greeting! And he is panicking! Fortunately he has friends here to help. 

May today bring joy and happiness and  lots of sweetheart Alex to your screen, to help with the celebrations. Happy Birthday Ellen!

Love and best wishes from Paula and FOYeur.


Filed under Birthdays, Mick wants to kiss you gently with his fangs.

8 responses to “Panicking Mick, something lost…

  1. FOYeur

    Pressure brings out the best in Paula!!
    Ellen, we just love that you are enjoying our blog so much.
    On the one hand it feels like ages ago and other days like yesterday that we started……Can’t belief how wonderful and full of fun this first month has been!!


  2. You did it you did it you did it!! The pocket grab gif!!! 😀

    Also, I think that screen cap of Mick in “Fever” is … like, the best. Just what is wrong with that look on his face? Absolutely nothing, it is perfection.


  3. imfriggingud

    all i can say is one long word “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”


  4. canadagirl66

    mmmmmm…Mick touching himself….over and over again….sooo nice….what more could a girl want?!!…oh, I don’t know…maybe ME touching him over and over again!!


  5. FOYeur

    I kinda catch myself coming back here often…….just staring…..getting hipnotised….sigh!!


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