The Circle Of Life: #AlexOLoughlin as Jack Flange

Not enough pillows for everyone. 

Remote serves as a chew toy, too.

Should´ve taken it to a vet by now.

Not looking good.

Whatever it takes

Too late.

Oops! – He’s gone!

Act innocent …

Sorry about “losing” your dog, here´s a cuter one.

Who can spot the puppy?



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3 responses to “The Circle Of Life: #AlexOLoughlin as Jack Flange

  1. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    That scene will never fail to make me giggle….ever.
    His FACE as he’s sitting on the bed staring at the dog. priceless.


  2. One of the funniest scenes in any movie ever!!

    “what happened to the carpet?”
    “I cut a dog out of it”

    I need to rewatch this movie ASAP.


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