Steve sticking his nose into buddy´s lunch

What´s it, evidence from a case or something?


What´s in the bag. Just what´s in the bag?

It´s my lunch, genius.

Your lunch, ok. What did you bring?

You´ve got to know every last minute detail of my life? What´s it to you, what my lunch is?

Because you don´t want to tell me! What, you think it´s so fantastic I´m gonna steal it? You fly in some-some deep-fried sandwich from New Jersey, I´m not allowed to know about.

It´s a salad. Okay? It´s a salad. That´s it. There´s nothing else in here. Grace has been taking a nutrition class, and she´s concerned about my cholesterol. So I promised her I would eat better, okay? Happy?

Huh. That´s actually incredibly sweet.

I appreciate that.



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17 responses to “Steve sticking his nose into buddy´s lunch

  1. Alicia

    This is one of my favourite moments from S1! I heart nosy Steve!

    Also –



    Sigh. Futile.

    I’d like to stick my nose in Steve’s lunchbox in that first gif. #ohyesidid


  2. I don’t even know what you are talking about comparing THAT to cheap mass produced fast food…..THAT is a 7 course meal with lobster tail and filet mignon……and creme brulee for dessert.


  3. Oh girls, reading your comments (hilarious!). I will ,from now on, only post Steve´s lumpy lunches 😉


  4. Some scenes are just perfect no need to re-write!! Paula, I’m with Alicia, great choice of a scene for gifs! You made me laugh. 😀 I hope we have more lighthearted and silly moments like this in S3, not enough of them in S2, I thought. But this was great!


    • I wasn´t sure about leaving out the “subtitles”. Anyway, I did leave out a couple of moments and they were added in the text then. I plan to do more of these buddies moments…if I can find them. Any requests? Anyone? 😀


      • Andrea

        Paula, my request is that closing scene (sorry, didn’t get the number) when they are watching CHiPs. As a child (admittedly a very young one!) of the 1970s, I could totally appreciate this one. And the humour of them both trying to be the sexiest CHiPster 😉


      • I like Andrea’s suggestion, also the hike in the woods & the boulder to the face! Also … The magic log phone conversation!


        • Andrea_Briz

          Give me some time, SJ, and I could think of more! There’d be loads from the carguments. There’s one particular cargument in an early ep (again, sorry, would have to rewatch to find the ep number) when Steve is perplexed that Danny doesn’t like the beach. That’s funny. Not sure if the conversation about pineapple (fruit) not belonging on pizza is also in that one but it’s funny, too. The car conversations are gold 🙂

          Also, love that scene in the pawn shop (I think it’s a pawn shop) where Steve ties a grenade to the security door and lets it off as the bad guy won’t come out. My son thinks that’s hilarious (OK, so he’s a teenage boy but you know what I mean). Guess that’s not striclty a buddy moment – you could a whole series on Steve’s crazy antics and Danny’s response to them. Classic.


          • you could a whole series on Steve’s crazy antics and Danny’s response to them.

            Yes you could! In fact… Andrea, you have just described Hawaii Five-0 in one sentence!! My favorite tv show!! Just what you said right there. 😀


            • Andrea_Briz

              ACA! That’s pretty much why we keep watching… Have enough reality going on in my life so nice to have a pleasant escape – H50. Oh, and lots of Alex’s facial expressions and shirtlessness 🙂


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