Intolerable cruelty!

Stan about to kill with his first choice of weapons, flowers + smile…

Stan´s second choice, a deadly bl0w job…surely no-one can survive that?

Zoe: Will you stop trying to kill me?
Stan: I can´t promise it.



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14 responses to “Intolerable cruelty!

  1. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I think he was trying to kill her with the wallpaper and curtains in the first pictures…..true story.


  2. He was so cute in this movie and she totally didn’t deserve him. I can actually sit through 90 minutes of JLo (a feat not accomplished before) just to see Alex/Stan.


    • Moon

      Amen! I prefer to watch it on mute so I don’t have to hear her….but I do love Stan


      • Ha, hadn’t thought about putting it on mute so I don’t have to hear JLo! Seriously, if Stan got into your taxi, who in their right mind would let him go? Love the scene where they go on a date to that little garden BTW. And I’d totally drive into a tree if I turned up at a farm and saw him sitting on a tractor with his shirt off 🙂


        • Agreeing on Jlo ruining some Stan moments for me too, but that tractor scene was never a turn-on for me. Seeing and hearing tractors often in real life just ruined that moment. I would rather have had him milking a goat 😀 And besides, that driving into a tree, was purely accidental on Stan´s part. These other moments were however deliberate 😉


          • FOYeur

            Stan shirtless not a turn-on?!……where is your pulse?…..or do you really hate tractors that much? 😆


            • Andrea

              Actually I hardly noticed the tractor. Just saw the shirtless ness 🙂


            • I do hate them! I can´t get passed the real life tractors, even with shirtless Stan driving one … I never bought the humor of this scene either, Zoe driving into a tree. Stan did have a funny expression though, when he saw that LOL…did he say OH or oopsie 😉


              • Andrea

                Hope I don’t get caned for this as you know I am an Alex fan, but I didn’t really find this movie all that funny anyway. There were moments of (slight) humour but not enough to bowl me over. I am not a JLo fan and didn’t really buy into their relationship as Zoe didn’t seem right for Stan and she kind of bugged me. Just thought Stan was adorable. Good enough reason to watch it?


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