Alex explaining Mick


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6 responses to “Alex explaining Mick

  1. FOYeur

    Don’t know what to watch….the hands….the lips…..or the eyes and brows?
    Will just have to stare 3 times longer than usual then…..


  2. Just like to mention that the original video is this
    I love that bottom one the most. He´s explaining about Joel Silver having to pay for his boob job and hair implants, if ML would go on for years and he was getting older. If only there had been the 3 years, he thought would´ve been a good run for the show…


  3. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Why does he have to be sooooooo….him?


  4. That man is fascinating to watch! Thanks for this, Paula. Will check out the original video, too. Agreed, so sorry we missed three years of ML.


  5. Melissa

    Hi, im Melissa. lols! i just gotta say this is so far my fav interview, not because of the content, but for his features. Like FOYeur says, i didn’t know what to watch… it’s like 1 play for the lips, 1 for the eyes and 1 for the hands, and then 10 time all over again just because i love to hear his voice 🙂 🙂 Not to mention (thanx God) it’s close take, can you imagine when he talks and express like that and bonus… it’s a full take of his body 😮
    Just kill me!


  6. Alex talks so much with his hands, he never sits still. I noticed a few scenes in H5-0 also. He uses his hands for expressions!!


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