Blue Hawaii with Steve

“I learned how to surf when I got here. It’s the most amazing scene here, almost life-changing.”

Surfing is my great passion in Hawaii. I have a bunch of boards – all of which I ride badly.”

“When I wake up, I make a cup of coffee and I look out the window – I view the surf report from there. I can see about five different breaks from my house, and each night I can see the sunset from my house. It’s an amazing place to live. It has just totally become my home since.”


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9 responses to “Blue Hawaii with Steve

  1. Damn you, Hawaii! We want him back!


    • FOYeur

      Lucky for us all, you lost him to the world!!
      (If you’d have liked Oyster Farmer, he would have stayed :wink:……but he needed to do more!)


  2. FOYeur

    I guess they have the same problem that they had making Moonlight Episode 4 – “Fever”.
    If he is in the water for long periods of time the make-up for the tattoos doesn’t work…….. now he’s got to wear that stupid bodysuit shirt or what ever you would call it…..what a shame!


  3. dawn russell

    just because you have him over there he is still aussie through and through and you stil can hear some of his accent coming through, but he is still ours to claim!!!!


    • We fear your boy is not appreciated in his own land, looks like the majority of fans are across the seas 🙂
      But thank you for voicing the occasional OZ support for Alex! We love to hear there are still some lovers left on your continent.


      • dawn russell

        it is true they do not appreciate our fine actors here in australia and majority of them seek fame overseas but i do like to thinik their heritage stays with them anyway


        • I think Alex is definitely very proud of his roots! The majority of his family and friends are still in OZ.
          The main thing with actors of his talents, is that the Australian film industry is just not big enough to support them and give them all the opportunities they deserve.
          I love Australian films – there has been quite a few gems that count under my all time favourite movies from there.. But the choices and the chances of actually making a better living out of the craft of acting, will always be in Hollywood.
          I think some of the best and sexiest leading men in Hollywood at the moment are the Aussie men. 🙂


  4. dawn russell

    I agree! If you watch him with Jennifer Lopez in Back Up Plan his natural instincts for acting oozes out of him!


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