Women are smarter

Woman’s Health: What still boggles your mind about women?

Alex: There have been many times when I thought I was having a logical discussion with a woman, and then I’m left sitting alone, confused, trying to recount how it went down. You guys are so much smarter than we are.



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7 responses to “Women are smarter

  1. FOYeur

    Lucky for us we are smart enough to know he is yanking our chains. 😆


  2. I´m so glad he plays for our team 😉 he sure loves us!


  3. *thud* that first gif!! Slowly gets up, reads the rest, looks at first gif again *Thud*

    P.S. too bad smileys are not allowed in World press posts!! I know some are, but I got some really good “thud” smileys!


  4. Karen Downton

    Lol!! omg I just adore him so much. most men wouldn’t even get into a discussion with a female, it frightens them,,,,lol


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