#H50 Season 3 spoilers, sort of …

I guarantee people are going to get murdered and we are going to figure out who did it.

We are going to amaze you about how fast we will figure things out.

And these are the socks Danny and Steve will be wearing for Season 3 ….



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4 responses to “#H50 Season 3 spoilers, sort of …

  1. Hawaii Five-0: people get murdered and they figure out who did it.

    My favorite TV show ladies & gentlemen!!! 😀


  2. Andrea

    They are adorable in this interview! Love the expressions on Alex’s face when Scott is speaking. His expressions in general are fascinating (and not just because he is cute!).


    • I agree. His face speaks volumes without any words…I feel like I´ve said that before…
      I wonder if the boys flipped a coin to decide on who´s going to do the talking. The interviewer is very cute and I think she melted Scott´s normal resistance for interviews.


  3. venia

    I enjoyed alex and scott but to me marie did a dumb interview and acting like a teenager but I think scott and alex did a great making the interview fu, and I like his comment.


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