#AlexOLoughlin ’s Tattoos (Part 3) – The Evolution

I love the outward expression, but there was a period when I was judged, because they weren’t part of popular culture, like they are now. Back then, tattoos meant you’d either been in prison or you were in some sort of gang. I had that conversation with so many girlfriends’ parents, explaining that I wasn’t a felon or a Hell’s Angel!

—  Alex O’Loughlin GQ Australia, November 2011

The Evolution:

The question that remains is how these tattoos evolved from what we see on Jack in Oyster Farmer to what we see on Alex today?

When and where did it all begin:

We don’t really know when and where it all started. It must have been a while before Alex, the public figure appeared. We don’t even know if some started out as other smaller works of art and are now covered with what we see and know today.

The earliest picture I could find that shows any tattoos, were from the 2003 year-end report of NIDA. The picture depicts a very youthful Alex starring in the play of the final year students, Country Music, in July 2002.

Not a very clear photo, but we get the picture, don’t we? It looked like he already had all his arm tattoos by then.

Let’s take a closer look at each tattoo and see how they have evolved over the years and specifically what they looked like in his movies Oyster Farmer, FEED, The Invisible and Whiteout respectively, to end up at what we see today.

(We apologize for the poor quality of these pictures – it is from  footage of his work and he was moving around so quickly and not posing for them. That makes it difficult to capture the images)

(1) The tattoo on the left bicep – We call it “The Lotus Flower”:

The general appearance of this tattoo seems to stay the same over the years. The only changes I could pick up was some colours that were re-touched and some sort of writing added in the middle section, sometime during mid-year 2011.

left arm tattoo

We add this comment from Kristy from our comments below – remember this is NOT an official explanation from Alex of what it means to him, but the comments from a very knowledgeable fan:

 Kristy (@Buffalobabe723)

The writing on the “lotus tattoo” is Sanskrit – it’s a mantra, the mantra of compassion and one of protection – OHM MANI PADME HUNG; roughly translates as ‘the jewel is in the lotus”. It is a Buddhist mantra/prayer and it means we all have the buddha nature within us – roughly. I have the mantra on my left shoulder blade 🙂

(2) The right bicep tattoo – We call it “The Geiger”:

Taking a closer look, we can see that in Oyster Farmer (Filmed 2003) and FEED (filmed in 2005) this tattoo has got clean lines and it is smaller than the one on the left bicep.

Then in The Invisible (Filmed end 2005) we see that some work has been done around the edges and the tattoo appears to be of similar size to the left arm. It also looks like some colours have been added.

(3 & 4) The tattoos above each nipple:

We call the right tattoo “The Gecko” and left tattoo “Sunrise” (or eyelash, or my teeth marks 😀 ) :

The Gecko  is the only tattoo that seems unchanged over the years but as you can see Sunrise doesn’t make its appearance before The Invisible (Filmed  end 2005).

My guess is that it was added at the same time when enhancements were made to the right bicep.

As you can see all the tattoos that are visible today have been on display since

The Invisible was filmed at the end of 2005.

(5) The tattoo on the lower back:

This was my favorite tattoo, but now I am not so sure about my feelings towards it anymore. The tattoo was enhanced and enlarged during the course of early 2011, to cover the lower back and wrap around to the front and down the side of the legs.

I would really like to see the entire tattoo first, before I cast my vote on it. Are there any volunteers to start a petition to see this tattoo in full?

Jack in Oyster Farmer, looking for some hidden treasure lost fortune.

The Forearm Tattoos:

Jack working hard in Oyster Farmer.

It is not really clear to me what the right forearm tattoo was about, but it covered nearly the entire forearm. It looked a bit blurry in Oyster Farmer. In later years it seems to be touched up again and then somewhere during 2010 it started to fade away and at the moment it seems to be all gone.

Kevin standing around in The Shield.

The left forearm tattoo looked small in comparison to the right arm. It looked like a lace band wrapped around the arm.

It seems to be treated the same way as the right arm, touched up at some stage and now totally faded away.

Kevin sharing his thought in The Shield

(I hope you all remembered that these images were about the forearm tattoos and only that. :razz:)

On this 2012 interview, Alex’s forearms are visible. To me it seems as if the traces of these old forearm tattoos are reduced quite substantially.

HNN Interview at Season 3 Blessing Ceremony – 9 July 2012

This is Neropatti and FOYeur signing off from our very first research project. Hope you all enjoyed this instalment of our closer look at Alex and specifically his tattoos, just as much as we did compiling it. It is always a pleasure to search for anything on this beautiful body, isn’t it? 😉

Goodbye Sweetie….till next time!!

Goodbye girls….

We would like  to dedicate this first research project to our dear online friend Justine. You have been our inspiration on many an occasion to find all the hard evidence and to see the bigger picture. We truly appreciate your friendship!!



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54 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin ’s Tattoos (Part 3) – The Evolution

  1. Awwwwwwwwww……..sneaky girls!!! Thank you! You can’t see it, but I’m blushing, well as much as I am capable of blushing. Love you guys!
    (Okay, Insert “hard evidence” joke here)


  2. Excellent research ladies.A tough job I bet,having to look through all those photos,poor babies!


  3. Regarding the tats on his forearms I heard he was having them lasered off but I can’t remember where I read it.


    • FOYeur

      Thanks for your response. I would suspect something like laser was used. I am no expert on tattoos in general, so I don’t really know all the options of getting rid of it. I also suspect it must be a painful prosess.
      If you find the source to confirm it, please let us know.


  4. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    There is only one method to effectively remove tattoo’s, and thats a laser. It actually breaks up the pigment that was deposited under the skin, but even the laser is not 100% effective, the more black ink that was used the more you will be able to see the “shadow” of what was there. Alot of people then go over the shadow with a new tattoo. (McNerd out).


  5. Actually you can still see some of his fore arm tattoos in H50 at times, but just very light shadows. I actually like what I can see from his new lower back tattoo (but yeah would love to see the entire piece some day), from what I read or heard he had this done to honor Hawaiian culture, and we all know that he loves Hawaii and feels at home there. What I would love to know is if this was done mechanical or in the tradional way.


    • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

      I’ve never actually seen a traditional hand tap oceania piece with color. Because of the method, it’s no where near as percise as using a modern tattoo gun. I think it would be very hard to do a cover-up using hand tap. You wouldn’t be able to achieve those thin even lines or the eveness in color thats in his back piece by tapping.


    • FOYeur

      I think there will always be traces of it…”Damage” to the skin is never easy to repair….Think I will rephrase that last part – kind off contradicting myself from what I said in Part 1.
      I also agree that what we can see of the new tattoo does look great….but I am just “begging” to see the rest. 😉 (And I am biased about anything on Alex – it all looks yummy)
      I was kinda in love with the old one…..the new one needs to proof itself to me with a full view. 😀


  6. caro

    looks like in the last picture the tattoo has less colour


    • FOYeur

      I find that photos can be deceiving and he is standing in the shade during the interview. The light always plays a big part with colours and how they look.
      Only seeing them in person will tell the true story. That would be a dream come true!! 🙂


      • That’s true about the light affecting the color, but also he’s wearing a heavy-duty sunblock. You can see it on his arms in the H50 scene where he and (shudder) Lori Weston are running up the hill with the steps, and she twists her ankle, as well as in the fanpic sequence where he’s out running in Hawaii.


        • Yes the jogging pic with new back tatt showing, the sunscreen does block the colors from showing 😦 I sure hope there´s some photo shoot concentrating on his skin art and could show us them in all their glory!


          • caro

            you’re right, seeing them in person tell the true story. i think if i meet him i’m going to die, one day i meet a singer who i don´t like, and i can´t look at his face, so i imagine if a meet alex, puff dead. but meet him is so far away from me 😦


  7. your header pic for this blog is a thing of beauty


  8. Melissa

    excellent research, very well done writing, totally excited (turned on more likely :P) i could easly end up in prison because if i met this man one day im gonna ask him to take his pants off just to see the entire tatoo on his back 🙂


    • Well if he drops them, make sure your camera is ready and recording every second! Next step, send the file to me…maybe I can use some of the material for gifs.


  9. Melissa

    bloggers like you girls will inspire me at that moment 😉


  10. The writing on the “lotus tattoo” is Sanskrit – it’s a mantra, the mantra of compassion and one of protection – OHM MANI PADME HUNG; roughly translates as ‘the jewel is in the lotus”. It is a Buddhist mantra/prayer and it means we all have the buddha nature within us – roughly. I have the mantra on my left shoulder blade 🙂


    • FOYeur

      Thank you Kristy, I appriciate you telling us. I suspected it was something in Sanskrit by looking at the shapes of the “letters” (sorry, I don’t know the correct term for the symbols)
      I will have to take you word for the meaning of it and it is beautiful.
      Always makes me wonder why he would add it at that spesific time in his life……some of the mysteries about him, we will never know….and that is good!
      Now, if you can tell us what the rest of his new lower back tattoo looks like….that would be even better. 🙂


    • Guest

      The Jewel in the Lotus means God is the Jewel. God is Alex’s Jewel. A Man and God relationship that is eternal. A forever bond.


  11. Where’s the pantslessness tattoo viewing petition? I wanna sign it!!! 😀
    P.S. Like a good FUCUP, my eyes constantly wandered away from the forearm tats to “other” places on Kevin Hiatt’s hot bod. I love his blue jeans! P.P.S. Can we start a second petition to have McG wear more blue jeans?


  12. Wonderful writing and research. I’ve been following the tats, but didn’t understand them. Great job.


    • FOYeur

      Thank you EYoung.
      It can all be very confusing.
      I am glad if it all makes better sense to you now,
      I myself do not like unsolved mysteries…….that’s why I have to study them and I like sharing what I find.


  13. natvalcas

    Aloha kakou
    I love your posts ladies. Mahalo! The Sanscrit symbol translation is correct and the right biceps Tattoo reminds me of a H.R.Giger Design too. Well researched and fun to read.
    But after watching them pics, now I’m in need of a realy cold shower!
    (( \m/ )) thats my Shaka btw…


    • Hi there natvalcas! Great to see new commentators 🙂 Welcome to enjoy our researches. Ps We ran out of cold water over here…cr@p!


    • FOYeur

      Natvalcas, I am glad you enjoyed it …..it was a “labour” of love doing it. 🙂
      You can just imagine how many cold showers was needed compiling it. 😛
      I love your Shaka!!


  14. Juuls

    Wow thank you, you’ve done such a good job investigating! I found some real good close up pictures of his bicep + chest tatoos i hadn’t seen before, from when he was filming the back up plan i think. Enjoy;)
    link: http://h50bamftumblr.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/alex-oloughlin-bts-make-uptatt-pics-from-tbup-hot/


  15. Juuls
    Rec’d your e-mail. Your msg? I like Alex tattoos, I question CBS and there lack of showing them. The full cover up of all tatts, BUP, Alex didn’t look like he enjoy taking the photo.

    just saying….


  16. LizzyLachlan

    Howdy 😉
    One question: does anybody know what the “human track” or “tooth bites” over his nipple means? I think this symbol looks cool but I really would love to know the meaning of it? It also looks like a Hawaii-symbol but I can`t find anything about it.
    Thx! and greetings from Austria 😉


    • Hi Lizzy.
      Alex has never publicly disclosed the meaning of any of his tattoos as far as I know – the only answer he as ever given to a question about is, was that they all have meaning, but that we all need secrets..
      He did get that tattoo before he moved to Hawaii and I would rather think that is some sort of Australia native symbol (the human track (or human footprint) is one, but we are not really sure if that is really what it is, because it looks a bit different to the symbol in literature that shows pictures of it)


  17. Caterina

    first of all sorry for the English I used the translator.
    I saw the episode 607 and I noticed on Alex’s hand (when held on Lynn’s mouth) a sign that looks like a faded tattoo (a bird?).
    is an old tattoo deleted or is a new covered bad?
    you know something?


  18. Guest

    The Buddha tattoo means God is the Jewel in the Lotus. It means a Man and God relationship is forever bond. God is Alex’s Jewel. How he will wants to be with the Lord forever in heaven as his servant praising and honoring the Lord forever and forever. The tattoo is a very deep meaning in ways God knows. Alex loves God


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